Poems (selected)

"Offering" in SWWIM, 2021

"Rita Moreno Re-Wears 1962 Oscar Dress" in [PANK], Latinx:Latinidad.1.0/2019

"Lessons on Bilingualism" in Tupelo Quarterly, TQ14 2018

"Grind" in Academy of American Poets (online), 2017

"How to Report Sexual Harassment in College" in Cliterature Journal, 2017

"Breakfast" in Writers Resist, 2016

"Stage 3" in Medical Literary Messenger: An Artistic Voice for the Healing Arts, Fall 2016

"Mastectomy" in Barely South Review, 2016

"After Vacationing at the Beach" in Manchester Review, 2016

"Boxes, Cast of Stillborn Colts and Calves” in Ekphrastic Review, 2016